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There are a bunch of things going on for Modern Persuasion that I thought I should share.

Cover WarsModern Persuasion Participating in Cover Wars!

Every day this week you can go to the Cover Wars website and vote for Modern Persuasion!  Watch the Facebook page and Twitter feed for daily reminders.

Modern Persuasion Included in Six Instafreebie Giveaways in March.

If you are a member of Instafreebie, you can find Modern Persuasion included in three giveaways in February.

  1. The Indie Author giveaway is still going on and will be until the 1st of May!
  2. Indulge in your fantasies in 2018! started at the end of February and ends today.
  3. The Sweet Romance Giveaway started on March 1st and ends on March 31st.  There are 77 books there to get!
  4. The Women’s Fiction giveaway started on March 2nd and ends on March 30th.  There are over 100 other books there.
  5. St Patrick’s Day Lucky in Love Romance Giveaway starts on March 16th and ends on the 25th.  There are over 175 books in the group.
  6. Drop the Zero (And Take the Hot Romance Hero!) starts on March 23rd and ends on the 30th.  The list is still growing, but there will probably be about 100 books in the group.


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