Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Becca

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

This is week three of getting to know Lizbeth’s real family. In the original Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s interactions have an element of chance to them. If there is a manipulator against them being together, it might be Caroline Bingley who comes closest to playing that role. I think my version of Caroline does more to keep Lizbeth and Wil apart than she does in the original book. What if there was a force working to bring them together. Not just a force, but a person in the story who sees and is willing to act. That person is Becca, Lizbeth’s younger sister. Here are five things you won’t learn about her from Phi Alpha Pi.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Becca

  1. Her favorite author is Dennis Lehane.
  2. Her favorite movies are those in the Alien series.  Yes, even Covenant…
  3. When she was little, Lizbeth gave her a nickname that has stuck ever since, especially when she’s scheming: The Brain.  Who is her Pinky?  Probably nobody.  She likes to surround herself with those she considers her equals.
  4. She is obsessed with death rituals in the US.  Yes, it started when she read Mary Roach’s Stiff after Jack finished it.  She attends an annual event called Death Salon.
  5. She will end up majoring in psychology and going all the way through to get a PhD.

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