Modern Persuasion Gets a New Cover!

Modern Persuasion 2.0

Last Thursday I got a message that gave me an opportunity I couldn’t say no to.  Read bellow to hear about how Modern Persuasion got a new cover and to see it!

Modern Persuasion 2.0

The Original Cover

OK, only some of you know this story.  The original cover of Modern Persuasion was designed in one week.  My original publisher had shut down and it was a week before the promoted cover reveal day.  In all the last minute decisions I was making, the first one was to see if I could design a pretty cover and do the cover reveal as planned.  It was a frenzy of using my very limited design knowledge.  When I learned that said closed publisher had been so strapped for cash that she had been designing the cover on her own, I decided to follow her inspiration and do what I wanted.  Over the course of the week my amazing friends and family gave me feedback until we arrived at the cover you’ve seen for the past year.

It was the cover I wanted and it was pretty, but I knew it wasn’t the best design possible.  I planned to come back to it in a few years and have someone make it match the future books better.

Then The Offer…

I’ve allowed Modern Persuasion to be in a number of group giveaways on Instafreebie.  It does pretty well too with nearly 2,000 downloads since January.  The cover is sweet, but not enticing enough to do it’s job.  So, when Nicky, one giveaway organizer, emailed me and offered to redesign the cover to help it entice readers, I couldn’t say no.  She was willing to work for free and I knew this could be a test run for future collaborations.

I told Nicky some of where my head had been with my cover and told her my priorities: no faces, keep it sweet.  We spent a day going back and forth with photos I liked.  We discussed stock illustrations.  We played with beach images and city images.  We tried blending two stock photos into one.  In the end, it clicked for me.  This cover isn’t a scene in the book.  In fact, readers have said “But they aren’t in love in New York!”.

No, this isn’t a scene from a movie, but it has the right tone.  If you were looking at this cover in a sea of headless and tattooed male torsos, it would stand out and say sweet romance more than the only cover did. So, here it is, the new cover for Modern Persuasion…

Modern Persuasion

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