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Just when I thought I got through the toughest part of winter (February), Mother Nature asks us to hold her beer and delivers a bunch of blizzards. For me, this means snow days and being at home. I can be either super productive or incredibly lazy on snow days, especially when it turns into TWO snow days in a row. So, here’s what happened

Modern Persuasion

While I continue to promote Modern Persuasion, it’s taking a back seat to Phi Alpha Pi. I continued to build a mailing list through Instafreebie and ads on Amazon. If you didn’t get to see the new cover for Modern Persuasion, read the post to get the entire story.
I did use Modern Persuasion to try a social networking service called Nouncy. You would have seen the post here about it. It’s a system that allows you to build social media campaigns to promote something. I’ve seen other authors use it and it seems fun.  I was trying to get 50 people to share the campaign, but I’d be happy with 10 right now.

Phi Alpha Pi

All my real work was focused here. The cover has been completed! I can’t wait for everyone to see it next month. I know I’ve shared with a bunch of people, but that’s my prerogative. With that done I was able to get a trailer made to help with the cover release. I will share that saga in another post, but I ended up making it myself.
The book has been doing well with advanced readers on NetGalley. I think I made the right decision to spend the money to put it up there. Three reviews have already been posted on GoodReads.
I am still playing with the formatting of the print book. I was able to find someone to take on the ebook formatting and he did a great job. He even got it to include the header font and graphics. I hope I’ll be able to figure it out for Missing Auggie, next year, but for now it was the right decision to hire someone to help. I’ll soon have an entire post about the delicate balance between my budget, my ability to learn to something myself, and my own sanity.
The blog tour company has been hired. This was in my budget since I did it on my own last year. Not only do I have someone to manage the details of the launch, but I have an expanded network of bloggers. The cover reveal and blog tour sign up have been posted.
What’s left? Little things remain. I’m working on bonus content, which will primarily be videos of presentations Lizbeth gives in her classes. Modern Persuasion lended itself well to short stories, but Phi Alpha Pi takes place on a college campus. Presentations are far more fun! I also had to create them to be able to write them, so you might as well enjoy them too. Everything else is wrapping up small elements of big projects.
I also need to start thinking about a launch party and what kind of travel I want to do for the book. I expect to be in Miami again this fall and will certainly be up for an event or dinner, but I’m not sure where else I’ll go.

Missing Auggie

I started working on draft three this month and made some progress. A lot of it has been taking the linear draft 2 (i.e. written in chronological order) and deciding where to put the things that are flashbacks. With a mystery it’s important for those flashbacks to happen thematically even as the main action happens chronologically. The B-story (about true crime podcasts and 24-hour news cycles) will need to be written in April, but I’m officially looking for a couple of beta readers. Let me know if you want to be one!

Woodhouse Yarn and Cafe

It might not be coming out for two more years, but I’m picking up draft one of the 3rd modernization (this time Emma). I’m back to yarn shop research and making decisions about names, locations, and other details.

That’s it for March!  I’m excited for a week of vacation (i.e. dealing with promotion and writing for a week) in April.  I’m also excited for Camp NaNoWriMo!  Can I actually win this year?  Who knows, probably not.  It’s more of an exercise in routine right now.


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