The 21st Century Austen Series Explination

I suspect this question is going to come up very soon and I thought I would take a moment to explain how my books are a series, but not sequels or sharing characters.

21st century Austen

A series doesn’t have to be interconnected stories. Look at TV shows like American Horror Story. Even if you don’t watch the show, you probably know the series is actually an anthology series that has some overlap that fans know about. For example, a few seasons having overlapping characters or related characters. An anthology is a collection, typically centered around a theme. You may have read from anthologies in school. The one I remember was one about 20th Century literature. The theme is the time period. For American Horror Story, on the surface, the theme is American horror! Each season doesn’t need to connect to the previous ones in order to be enjoyed. You could skip a season and still come back later to be able to start another. This past season, for example, was skipped by a lot of people suffering from a fear of clowns. They can come back next season and not skip a beat.

The 21st Century Austen series also exists in a shared universe, but not necessarily *OUR* world. There is no Disney (this will come into play someday), but Trump exists. Smart phones are used and, while never discussed in this specific series, magic exists. Magic simply has nothing to do with these books and stories. In fact, all my books will share this same universe. Why these slight differences? So I can connect character and write about Disney without violating copyright!

What about 2019’s Missing Auggie? Is that part of the series?

No, it’s in the same, shared universe, but it’s a stand-alone story. It isn’t based on an Austen book and it doesn’t have any magic in it.  Not having magic means it’s not part of the White Council series that I’m beginning the research for, but won’t be published for about four years.

How can I tell a book’s in the 21st Century Austen series?

The cover will tell you.  Eventually, Modern Persuasion and A Little More Modern Persuasion will show it on the covers as well.  You might see the logo used on this blog, my webpage, and social media in relation to a book.

How will these stories connect?

For now the connections won’t be evident on the page, but anyone who reads the character profiles or any bonus material might see it.  For example, Emma (from Modern Persuasion) is the editor for Layla’s books in Phi Alpha Pi.  Layla is Lizbeth’s mother and is in the book, but Emma isn’t.  She will be mentioned in bonus content, but this story has nothing to do with her.  The same will happen for the next two books, but I’m not going to reveal it.  Yes, these stories will connect to the White Council series.

So, Phi Alpha Pi isn’t a sequel to Modern Persuasion?

Nope! You can read one without reading the other.  You can dislike one and like another.  You can be afraid of clowns and still enjoy them all.  There aren’t any clowns… yet!


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