Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Chris

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

There is one more character from the original book: Colonel Fitzwilliam. I didn’t forget him, but he has a specific purpose in the story. He is there to show specific elements of what Mr. Darcy is like when he’s not with Elizabeth. He’s not too different in Phi Alpha Pi and you won’t spend a lot of time with him, but here are five things you won’t know from reading the book.

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Chris

  1. He’s in law school during Phi Alpha Pi and intends to go into tax law to help the family, but after all the things that happened in 2017, he decided to go into immigration law.
  2. His father is the eldest in the family and Chris is the younger of 2 kids.  He has an older sister.
  3. He’s gay and his boyfriend a comic book artist.  They will get married in a few years.
  4. He will eventually move to New York to be closer to Wil and Lizbeth.  They will be best friends, especially Chris and Lizbeth.
  5. Caroline, not wanting to accept he can’t be turned straight, will turn her attention to him after Wil and Lizbeth got together.  She tries and fails to seduce him.  It will be embarrassing for everyone.

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