May Monthly Review – What A Difference A Year Makes

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May, as I expected was a crazy month. I started outlining this entry as I sat looking at my writer’s bible, trying to decide what I needed to do next. I looked at each task, checked off on my to-do list, and realized it was time to focus on Kraulaak and Missing Auggie. So, here’s all the things that went on in May.

Though the entire month, since the cover reveal in April in fact, I’ve been comparing my experiences with Modern Persuasion and Phi Alpha Pi.  In some cases, there were metrics I was trying to meet, but in other cases, I was simply realizing how different the experience has been.  There are three big things that happened this month: I finished writing Missing Auggie, I wrote short stories for Phi Alpha Pi, and I prepared for the Phi Alpha Pi blog tour.  There were other small things that happened to and I’ll share those at the end.

Finishing Missing Auggie

I realized I had so much anxiety built up around Missing Auggie.  It’s been holding me back and I ended up back at an outline.  Each time I go back to outlining, I end up adding more and more details about what happens.  This return to the outline was the return I needed.  I synced the flashbacks with the current events better, I fleshed out a b-plot, and hit the motherload on some research I’d been struggling with.  It all happened really quickly and then things got really busy.  It changed my writing habits for a few weeks.  I sat on the couch with Cedric writing instead of watching YouTube videos and knitting.  Now it’s done and I’m happy with this draft.  Next, it spends June with an editor before I made the suggested changes.

Phi Alpha Pi Release Events

As soon as the Phi Alpha Pi cover was revealed, the release events began.  The ebook pre-sale was easy to get underway and final formatting wasn’t as labor intensive as I feared.  In fact, it left me with a good template to use for future books. I’ve been busy keeping up with the blog tour.  It was very helpful to hire someone to do this and keep up with all the little details while I focused on many other things going on with future projects.  I had the chance to visit each blog nearly every day to respond to people’s comments.  The giveaway numbers were much higher than I expected, I connected with new people, and the pre-sale numbers were higher than I expected.

I was offered the chance to have a local launch party.  I have to start planning that next month, but I’m really excited and it will take place on July 20th.  I’m trying to find a way to do something online at the same time.  I’m also trying to not go crazy buying things for it.  There will be an invitation on Facebook soon, so if you’re in the area, it would be awesome if you could come.


You’re probably going to see more promotion for my next short story collection.  I’ve been working on Kraulaak for a few years and it’s a collection of horror stories.  This is going to published in December.  I have asked a few people to do a deep edit of the stories in the collection to see what kind of development is needed.  I have two stories that I need to finish as well.  There will be a little bit of promotion for the book and I’ll be creating a mailing list just for the people who care about my horror stories. There are some non-Kraulaak ones that could be edited over the next year for more short story collections.

Woodhouse Yarn and Cafe

Book three in the 21st Century Austen series isn’t going to come out until 2020, but I’m getting ready to write the first full draft.  This book is going to mark a shift in my writing process, which I’ll discuss in another entry.  This book will require research at yarn shops, so I’m going to welcome company from my knitter/crocheter friends!

That’s it!  What happened to you this month?  Feel free to tell me in the comments!

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