Phi Alpha Pi & Modern Persuasion Merchandise!


You might not know this (but you probably do), I opened a small merchandise store a few months ago.  There are a bunch of products there for all the books in the 21st Century Austen series!  You can start buying items now!

Nearly all the items in the big blog tour prize pack were from the shop.  It’s through Zazzle, which means they offer a lot of discounts on the products.  Right now all the Modern Persuasion items have the original cover.  The Phi Alpha Pi products are for the sorority, the book cover items will eventually be sold by artist Risa Rodil.  Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when that happens.

Zazzle Storefront

I’m still adding products, so I could use your help.  What kind of items do you want? I’ve picked the items I think people will like, but I can always add more.  In the comments, tell me what you would want and which book you would want it for.  You won’t be expected to buy it, but it will help add a good variety of items.

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