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I’ve just returned from my trip to New Orleans. I hope you got to see some of the posts I did on Instagram and Facebook about my trip, but that trip was the biggest event that happened this month. Let’s get into the June recap!

Modern Persuasion is officially put aside as I focus on Phi Alpha Pi.  In June I set up the last action I’m taking on Modern Persuasion and developed a “drip campaign” for it on my mailing list.  This is a series of emails that get sent to everyone who joins my mailing list in the future.  There are a few emails to catch them up on everything already published.  Eventually, all my books will go there as they get put aside for the next book.  One thing that is still going to happen (when I get a chance to play with it) is a new ebook of Modern Persuasion that will include the text messages as they were intended to be seen.  The paperback was updated to fit them in better, but I haven’t had a chance to do the ebook.  It’s how I’m teaching myself the way to format ebooks.

Phi Alpha Pi has been quietly getting promoted this month.  I really needed to take June off in some way.  I sent out the giveaway prizes to winners, I got the books over to a local consignment shop, and I started planning the July 20th release party. The biggest activity related to Phi Alpha Pi has been working with the audiobook narrator.  I’ve shared her audition with a few close friends and I’m really excited to be working with someone new.  She submitted her sample, which will be in the July VIP newsletter (so signup if you want to make sure you can hear it).

Kraulaak has been the other book I’ve been working on this month.  This is a horror short story collection filled with the world I made to help me deal with stressful things and people who anger me.  This is a small collection, so my budget is much smaller.  I’ve been finishing the stories in the collection and having them edited.  I’ve set up a horror mailing list where I will periodically post free horror stories.  Right now you can get the original story from the collection: “Frozen Wasteland”.  The second story, “1000 Things I Saw Before I Died”, is now up for free on BookFunnel and will ask you to sign up for the mailing list in exchange.  So, you can get 2 stories from the collection for free.  Right now I’m also working on the cover for the collection.  I found one I really like and am working with the designer to get it ready for December.

Missing Auggie is what I’m really taking a break from.  That has been with the editor all month and there was a bunch of work that needed to be done.  What I really needed was to let someone else read it so another set of eyes could help me move it forward.  There are a bunch of gaps and plot holes that need to be addressed.  I’m even considering revising the sex scenes so they can be inserted into the story.  I’ve set up a signup form for people who want to be beta readers.  There’ll be more on that in another post, but feel free to sign up now if you know you want to help.

The last thing I did this June is not really book related, but community related.  I’m trying some more videos on YouTube and the next series I want to do is an Ask-Me-Anything series.  Feel free to leave your questions in the comments.  I’ll answer anything that isn’t too obnoxious!


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