Mill Pages Volume 3 – What’s In This Issue?

Mill Pages cover

On September 30th, Mill Pages volume 3 is going to be released. I’m really excited and want you all to take a chance to buy it! Why? Well, because it’s a chance to find new authors. Most of my fellow authors in the Mill Pages group aren’t published yet and are trying to make the decision about what they pursue to publish. I’ve been very lucky to get readers who are encouraging, so I want to spread the love.

Let’s get the basics out of the way and I’ll answer a few questions people always ask me about Mill Pages.

What is Mill Pages?

Part writing group and part literary magazine! It started because a bunch of us doing NaNoWriMo wanted to keep working through the year. One of us eventually had the idea to publish the stories we were writing in a magazine. We had ambition and realized this was harder than it looked. After about six years of meeting, we’ve been able to create and publish three issues.

What’s in the magazine?

It depends on what each person wants to submit. We like short pieces and poetry. For issue three there is more horror than usual because we had planned to publish this a year ago for Halloween 2017 (remember what I said about ambition and reality). A bunch of us wrote personal essays. There are a handful of poets in there as well. Periodically we allow one of our members to include a chapter of a larger work they’re working on.

What did you write?

I wrote a personal essay called “Burned In My Brain” about the numbers I’ll never be able to forget and why. If you’re a member of my mailing list, then you got to read it this month.

What did I like reading in the issue?

My friend Kamryn James wrote this fantastic two line horror stories. I know most of my readers don’t like horror, but hers are quick and have a hint of humor to go with them. I also enjoyed Katelyn’s poetry. I don’t know much about poetry, but I love the imagery she creates in her poem. It makes me think of fall colors, smells, and sounds. I also loved Matthew Jones’s story about the connection between the family dog and his brother. Considering my own darling, Slytherin puppy, it might have (totally, completely) made me cry.

I encourage you to give this and our other volumes a chance. I’ll be posting more about this on the 30th and reminding you about volume three. Until then, consider buying one of our other volumes: Volume 1 and Volume 2.


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