September Recap

Writing Recaps

It’s so weird to be writing a recap for September, I feel like it just began. Here’s what happened – in case you’ve missed anything!

Phi Alpha Pi

The audiobook is out! I’m so excited about this. After months of working with the narrator, Libby, we were both happy with the final product and people are already buying copies. I took a  break from more active promotion to focus on library stuff. With the students back on campus, it’s busy again and I need to keep myself from burning out (which I do every year). I did record an episode of Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Creative Creatures, which I did over a year ago before Modern Persuasion came out. I had a great time and will make sure to post the link when it’s up on YouTube.

I also paused a bit on finishing up A Little More Modern Persuasion. I have one more story that I want to write about Jane and then I can work on editing and formatting the volume. The cover is done and I love it. I can’t wait to share it with you in November.

Woodhouse Hall

I keep working on this book, trying to find the right voice for Amelia and the right balance of romantic tension. The problem with Emma as a romantic story is that our main character is oblivious to her romantic feelings and it doesn’t come up until the end. Northanger Abbey is the same way, so I feel its best to take a bit of liberty with the story to layer in the romance better.  I think I have a better feel for it.


Not much has been done here as I focus on finishing up the other projects in the works. I have picked the story order and know what has to be done next. I plan on getting back to this in December, once A Little More Phi Alpha Pi is released.

Other Things

My Disney trip is coming up and its hopefully going to be just what I need to help me write Northanger Parks. It’s at the end of my trip to Miami in October. I’m planning some elements that will help me with my research for the Northanger Park book. This might include a behind-the-scenes tour of the Magic Kingdom.

Mill Pages volume 3 is about to come out. We’re finally doing a better job of managing our ambition and our workloads. I think this is our best volume yet. We’ve already started planning our next volume, but my new project management skills are helping us set a better timeline. We’ll see how well it works. Expect volume four out in the Fall of 2019.

That’s about it for this month!


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