October Recap

Monthly Recap

What a month this has been. It started slow, but boy did it end in a blaze of glory! My body’s pretty angry with me as I write this, only back from the Orlando trip for two days, but here’s a recap of what happened.

Phi Alpha Pi

Most of my time this month has been focused on other projects, but in relation to Phi Alpha Pi, it’s been about the A Little More collection coming out in December. I’ve been doing my final edits of the stories before I send them to a proofreader. I’ve been deciding what to do about the formatting struggles I’ve been having with all the books, recognizing that I should start budgeting for an ebook formatter.  I ordered postcards, made graphics, and started planning the promotion of this short story collection. People who came to the Miami event got to see the cover design early. I’m going to focus more on this in November, but I’m really excited about it.

Woodhouse Hall

I focused on Woodhouse Hall this month because I finally found the right voice for Amelia. Once I had her right, the story flowed better than it had since I started writing in July. I’m not completely finished, but it’s in a good place and will be finished very soon. The next step is to let some beta readers get involved and read it. I need to start thinking of the questions I want them to answer about the progression of the story and create some forms for them. I’ve been thinking about the potential release dates and have a few ideas. I’m not going to make a final decision about anything until January.

Other things

There will be a recap of the Miami and Orlando trips in a few weeks, but they went really well. I have a firm idea of the story for Northanger Parks and how I want it to fit into my universe. It’s going to be a thread that will weave through almost everything else moving forward, connecting many books and characters to each other. My bullet journaling workshop was also something I enjoyed doing and may start talking about here again. It’s leading to a few new opportunities locally and I enjoyed doing the workshop.

I have to add, I’m pretty sure I’m Epcot cursed. I’ve talked about getting the flu when I last went there at 17. Well, this time I’m having a problem with my hip. Clearly, I just need to skip that entire park if I ever go back to Disney World! This has resulted in me being home-bound for a few days and at the doctor’s office (complete with X-Rays). Sitting is very comfortable if the chair is right, so hopefully, I can get a lot of work done.

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