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For some reason, my brain keeps thinking it’s still October. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written the word October in emails and in my calendars, when I actually mean November. It’s annoying. This is still the November recap because that’s what month is ending. Last week I shared how I was doing with NaNoWriMo, or in this case, not doing. This week I’ll take a bigger look at what went on when I did have time to work on writing things this month.

A Little More Phi Alpha Pi

With all the stories written and given an edit by me, I sent them all off to a proofreader for final review. I always need a proofreader to catch all those little things I missed in my edit. That took about two weeks for her to do before sending it back to me. I promptly focused on formatting the paperback and sending the files off to the person who makes them into ebooks for me, Asher, who worked super fast and got them back to me within days. I spent some time getting the presale ready on Amazon, Kobo, and Nook. There has been a hold up with some of the other, smaller retailers because I’m waiting to see which distribution channel is the best. With a week until the book’s release, keep an eye out for price drops and sales on the other books.

Woodhouse Hall

I’ve not thought about this book at all this month because I’ve been focused on writing Northanger Park. My hope is to spend December and January catching up with all the books that need to be finished. Woodhouse Hall is at the top of that list because I’d like to hire an editor for it this spring and release it in the fall. This means I have to give it some focus and edit it myself this winter. I got close to the end before November started, but now I have to get those last couple of chapters and resolution in.


With all the focus on the novels, this collection of short stories has fallen through the cracks, but it’s nearly done as well.  I think this may come out in the spring. That is if I can focus on finishing the stories over the winter, which should be easy to do as it is about a frozen planet and I tend to get annoyed with things a little easier during this time of year. Look for announcements about the release in January!

Northanger Park

The month isn’t over yet, so I can’t say just how far I’ve gotten in the story, but right now I’m over the halfway point. In fact, I see the path to the ending pretty clearly right now.  The fun of this book has been inventing the theme park rides, characters, shows, hotels, and other features. It’s been the bulk of the work because I’m enjoying this story a lot. It takes place over about a week and a half and entirely in these theme parks. There isn’t a huge cast of character to manage and it’s been easy to get to know each of them. Plus, my research at the Disney parks paid off and I’m able to use it to help the story.

Other news

Not much else has gone on. Oh, except my growing interest in writing a short series of four romance novellas about some Jewish holidays. I’m not in a rush to write these, but I am forming some outlines as they come to me. I’m also changing things around on the newsletter. I got A Little More Modern Persuasion reformatted, because it was junk, and will be offering that for a few months for free when new people join the newsletter.

That’s it for this month.


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