December Recap!

Writing Recaps

It’s been a quiet month. Last week I talked about how things progressed specifically with NaNoWriMo and how I finished the first draft of Northanger Park a few days into December. Here’s what else has been going on.

A Little More Phi Alpha Pi

It’s out, which means there’s not much left to be done. I’ve done some giveaways and will continue to promote it with Phi Alpha Pi. Since this is bonus content for the novel, it’s not a promotional priority. I’m just happy to have it out. It means I can move forward with…


This is not going to be a long collection of stories, but I’ve focused on it this month. The stories are interconnected, giving you more information about what’s going on with each of them. The first story was written over four years ago and it wasn’t one I expected to get sucked into and develop further. The world has progressed and developed since that first story and now there is contradictory information in it. I not only used the month to finish the stories I started but to clean up the stories and update the older ones to blend with the entire collection better. This means people won’t be reading the same stories as they first did. I think “1000 Things I Saw Before I Died” can remain the same since it is less critical to the world’s development, but the others are not the same anymore. Most of the work I did this month was to get ready to publish this collection. There will be an announcement about the publication in January.

Woodhouse Hall

I’m not rushing Woodhouse Hall for a spring release because I have Kraulaak ready to go. I think it will be ready for the Fall, maybe September, but more likely in October. I want it to be ready. I spent the last half of the month starting the first round of edits. I had an epiphany mid-way through November this year and you’ll read about that another day. It made me realize I might need to reconsider some plot points in Woodhouse. I didn’t finish the book but instead have gone back to re-read and re-outline. This is something I’m going to do with all the novels in the future. It’s been very helpful and made me realize that Woodhouse Hall was actually in the right place, but I was struggling because my head wasn’t. Now both are aligned and I can figure out the end. I think it will probably be ready for beta readers in February!

Northanger Parks

As I explained in last week’s entry, I’m in no rush to work on this book. There is some research I have left to do (watch the YouTube video for that), but I’m not touching this one again until I’m ready to move forward.

The Stash

This is the working title for another book I’m getting ready to write. I was originally going to do this for book three, but then Woodhouse Hall came to me and that took over. This is about life at a yarn shop run by a young woman who thinks she’s a talented consultant. I want to re-outline this one and re-start it. I need some new character names and a stronger frame. It won’t be difficult to do, but I’m not feeling compelled to write it just yet. This might be what I write in March/April.

That’s about it for the month. I’ve enjoyed not focusing on the writing and taking time off. I had one weekend where I mostly stayed inside, cuddling with the doggo, and watching television. It’s been an amazing year and I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you all for your support and Happy New Year!


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