January Recap

Monthly Recap

There has been a lot going on this month and I can hardly believe it’s already over. I swear I was just sitting on my couch, knitting, watching movies, and celebrating the new year.


This book is ALMOST done. I asked a few people to read it this month, to make sure the flow is good. I really don’t have much to report about this one because it has been chugging along, like it should be.

Woodhouse Hall

I’ve finished my big re-read of the book. I’m much happier with the current status than I expected. I finished up a little more research over the month, about how buildings become part of the historical register, added a character, and started making my edits. I’m about halfway through the second draft and ready for Beta Readers to start reading it. They get it next week and it could have a few months. Right now the plan is to publish the book in October.

The Yom Tov Novellas.

Where did this come? Blame the lack of Chanukah romance stories this winter. I keep saying it started as a joke, but sometimes a joke has a way of becoming something more. The covers are done! The Purim Fling, book one, is getting edited and I’m adding some content. It should be ready for release on March 1st if I can avoid self-destruction. The Matzo Ball Billionaire, book two, is still being drafted, but it should be ready for April 1st. These aren’t long books, but I’m really having a fun time. I hope they will interest readers.

I’m keeping the ebooks limited to Amazon this year, for all four novellas in the series. They have such a limited time for marketing and they are a very small niche genre. The paperbacks will be available from all retailers, but for now the ebooks will be limited. This does mean anyone who belongs to Kindle Unlimited can get the book for free. In 2020 and 2021 I will increase the distribution and formats available for each of the novellas.

Other things?

I’ve been so busy writing and editing that very little else has happened. I decided to spend my downtown knitting baby stuff for family members having babies. Three blankets and a ton of washcloths are nearly completed. I am excited about the local shop, the Artisan’s Exchange, which hosts a book club and picked Modern Persuasion as their February book. I hope to have a preview of something for them when I meet with them in February.

I’m also getting ready to host a year-long writing workshop with my friend Rona. It will all be about writing the first draft of a novel. Plus, I’m hosting a organizing/journaling monthly meet-up.

This is working out to be an exciting year!

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