Modernizing Classic Characters

Modernizing Classic Characters

One of the struggles with writing Jane Austen fan fiction, in my experience, is balancing the idealized characters created by Austen and realistic characters.  Let’s face it, even when considering their flaws, her characters are still idealized versions of the purpose they serve to the plot.  It’s easy to either love or hate her characters. Read more

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet The Douchebag

I know I have already launched into character profiles for Phi Alpha Pi, but there are two more people in Modern Persuasion you should get to know.  They are very minor characters, but they two characters far more than I expected. Before I get into The Douchebag, let me say something about character development.  IRead more

Pinterest Board of the Month

Pinterest Board of the Month: The Humble Bowtie

Bowties are cool… So said Matt Smith (my favorite Mr. Collins – in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) as the 11th Doctor.  If you have read Modern Persuasion, I hope you loved the scene between Fredrick and Emma at the NYPL event. The one where she straightens a crooked bowtie that Patrick left just forRead more

The knick-knacks

Modern Persuasion Raffle Winner!

I ran a raffle for the past two weeks!  Did you know that?  It was for knick-knacks that Emma or Louisa may have picked up on Fredrick’s book tour.  I had something from all the cities on the tour.  I had to pick up the NYC one this past week while I was there.  IRead more

Help Share Modern Persuasion!

Help Share Modern Persuasion!

What an amazing first week it has been for Modern Persuasion.  Reviews are so positive and encouraging.  My trip to New York was amazing and there is so much to share!  There is still so much to do to help new readers discover Modern Persuasion.  Here is how you can help! Write an Honest ReviewRead more

The Music that Inspired Modern Persuasion

A few years ago I borrowed a Pandora station from my friend Jena.  She called it her Indie Poptart station.  It was made up of female musicians who skirted the edge of popularity (and a few who crossed over). Jena told me about it when I shared that I was finding myself wanting to listen toRead more

Book Expo America, Modern Persuasion, and Finding Inspiration

Book Expo America, Modern Persuasion, Finding Inspiration

I talked about this story here and on other blogs, the story behind Modern Persuasion’s inspiration.  Today, I am going to go deeper into the story so you can understand where the idea came from. I have been attending Book Expo American since about 2005.  BEA is a conference dedicated to the publishing industry.  It’sRead more

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Release Day!

Happy Release Day!  I hit the button to publish the book last night and have been checking so many little bits of information since.  My favorite little bit is seeing what other people have purchased.  I have discovered so many other books to read! There are two final stops on the blog tour. First, overRead more

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Day 7

As soon as midnight hits on the east coast of the US, I am pushing the button to make Modern Persuasion available to everyone!  The blog tour still isn’t over though! Today on the blog tour, I am really excited to share Musings from the Yellow Kitchen, a blog that has done something a little differentRead more

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Day 6

It’s the weekend and things are quieting down.  The blog tour has one stop each day this weekend. Today you can read Babblings of a Bookworm has an interview with me and is doing a second giveaway for an ebook copy.