I have a new Instagram account!

Modern Persuasion – I Have a New Instagram Account!

I love my personal Instagram account. Virtually everything is added from places I visit to pictures of Cedric Doggery. Let’s be honest, Cedric is the primary subject of my pictures. Some pictures are really good and others cause people to cringe (mostly my sister). Why A New Account? I had to ask myself an important questionRead more

Pinterest Board of the Month

Pinterest Board of the Month: Jane Austen

I am starting a new thing here on the blog.  Each month I am going to feature a new Pinterest board from my account.  These are things that are primarily related whatever project I am working on be it Austen inspired, content for another book or story, Wikipedia, bullet journaling, or something new that comesRead more

A Dedication to My Grandfather

Goodbye Poppop: A Dedication to My Grandfather

Last year I lost the first of my grandparents and about a month later I officially lost both grandmothers.  In the year since I have had a chance to spend time with both my grandfathers.  I see my Grampa in Boston all the time since I live so close.  This year he turned 97 andRead more


Book Club of 1: Vacation-ish

With everything going on this month, I have made a decision to update the blog 2 times a week, instead of my normal 3 times.  This means, I am taking a vacation from Wednesdays.  There is just too much that I am doing and not enough time to focus on writing something here.  What isRead more

Happy holidays 2016

Happy Holidays

I hope, no matter what holiday you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), that you have a happy holidays. That’s all I have for today.  I will be back with more tomorrow.

I Still Have a Newsletter!

Did you know I have a newsletter?  Actually, I am pretty sure you don’t because there aren’t many people subscribed. What happens on the newsletter?  With all the different things going on with me, the newsletter allows you to follow the way you want and get updates about Facebook, my Wikipedia stuff, and other non-blogRead more

I am starting a newsletter!

I have decided to make life a little more complicated for me by starting a newsletter! Why?  Well, I am not entirely sure how easy it is for everyone to keep up with everything.  Not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone cares about this blog, and not everyone is watching my webpage.  So, I amRead more

It’s Official, Today I Turn 40

Today is my 40th birthday.  I am taking the day off of work, getting a massage, getting a facial, and getting a pedicure.  I am going out for ice cream with knitting friends later this evening.  This is turning into a month long celebration. My birthday is my favorite holiday.  I don’t really care aboutRead more

Congratulations Pat and Vic!

Two characters in Modern Persuasion are named (and very loosely based on) two of my closest friends: Christi and Patrick.  We spend more time with Patrick in the novel and I even borrowed his fiancé Victor to be part of the story in a very similar role as he plays in life. Vic and Pat areRead more

Happy Birthday Cedric Doggery… and This Blog!

A year ago I had just come back from Sacramento visiting my sister after my first ALA conference.  I had made one decision while away: I was getting a dog.  I had a name picked out and a plan in place.  About a week later another decision was made: I was going to try blogging again.Read more