Author Reading: Revealing Hannah #2 Book Launch Party

The nice thing about being friends with authors is that you get to help them when they try new things.  When Laura’s second book in the Revealing Hannah series came out, I quickly bought a copy.  When she announced she was having a book launch party I was excited for the chance to help.  ThisRead more

Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long: Final Wrap Up

The month of October ends today as does the Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long.  It has been an interesting month and thank you to Maureen who stuck through the month and read with me (even when she got behind). Reading the book slowly was an interesting experience.  It was like being back in high school, but withRead more

Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long: Week 4

Today we are wrapping up our discussion with Volume 2. This part of the story focuses primarily on Catherine with the Tilney family at Northanger Abbey. To me the book felt like two completely different stories.  Volume 2 not only changes our setting, but the focus of Catherine.  She goes from trying to navigate society toRead more

Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long: Week 3

This week we are discussing volume 2, chapters 1-8. Actually, since I am a little behind (thanks conferences and traveling), take this weekend to catch up and we will discuss all of volume 2 next week. Instead, might I interest you in Cate Morland, her Tumblr, and Youtube videos? I say this because I am goingRead more

Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long: Week 2

This week we are discussing volume 1, chapters 8-15. By the end of this section, all of our characters have been fully introduced.  As has, what I consider to be, a subplot.  What do I mean?  I mean Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho. I am linking out to the Wikipedia entry about the book so youRead more

Northanger Read-A-Long: Week 1

This week we are discussing volume 1, chapters 1-7. What should you do?  Post some thoughts in the comments.  You can answer questions I am asking here or you can post anything you want to say.  You can share favorite quotes or passages.  You can talk about what you like or dislike about a character.Read more

Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long – Starts Today!

Don’t forget! Today the Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long starts today. You can still sign up if you want to participate! Signing up gets you email reminders and a possible sticker (if you want one). Each Thursday there will be a discussion post.  I will post questions and comments based on the week’s chapters.  Everyone is welcomeRead more

Don’t Forget To Sign Up- Northanger Abbey Read-a-Long

How is it almost mid-way through September already?  I swear, I am going to wake up tomorrow and it will be my 41st birthday. I just want to remind everyone that I am doing a Read-a-Long for Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.  You might as well participate.  I mean, we are going to discuss it here.Read more

Weekly Reading: Northanger Abbey Read-A-Long

This November, for National Novel Writing Month, I am trying something new.  Christi and I are going to write a novel together.  We are going to modernize Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey as a ghost hunting adventure. We are doing a lot to prepare.  Including watching ghost hunting television shows, horror movies, and more.  One thingRead more

Summer Reading Challenge is Over!

You may remember, but probably not, that I did a summer reading program this summer.  I challenged readers to read at least 5 books so they could win some prizes.  I got stickers and prizes and made forms to help people track things for the 10 weeks of the event. I expected nobody to participate.Read more