Book Club of 1: Maybe a Book Club of Many?

My normal Book Club is having a hiccup.  These things happen.  My much anticipated hosted meeting ended up being just Christi and me.  We had a blast knitting and watching David Tennant in Richard II (she got me the Blue Ray of the show as a gift because: David Tennant).  We discussed this book club.Read more

Walden Audiobook in Overdrive

I *Heart* Audiobooks

I love being told a story.  I don’t know how I forgot that, but it took me until last year to remember.  Now I have an addiction to audiobooks.  A bonus, my reading volume has skyrocketed.  I now read while I cook, shower, get ready for bed, knit, workout, and drive. I know a lotRead more

The BEA and ALA Shelves

The TBR Shelf: BEA Read-Down

For the most of the past 10 summers I have gone to NYC for Book Expo (BEA).  For those who don’t get to hear me talk about it, BEA is the publishing industry’s conference.  Primarily you spent 2.5 days walking in circles on an expo floor grabbing free books.  There are conference sessions, but IRead more