Monthly Recap

October Recap

What a month this has been. It started slow, but boy did it end in a blaze of glory! My body’s pretty angry with me as I write this, only back from the Orlando trip for two days, but here’s a recap of what happened. Phi Alpha Pi Most of my time this month hasRead more

I'm a Romance Author?

Why the Movie Might Be Better Than The Book…

You’re probably going to want to fight me about this, but there are times when the movie is better than the book. I finally got to see Unleashing Mr. Darcy, a modernization of Pride & Prejudice set around dogs. I don’t read other Jane Austen fan fiction (JAFF) until I’m done writing a specific book.Read more

Writing Recaps

September Recap

It’s so weird to be writing a recap for September, I feel like it just began. Here’s what happened – in case you’ve missed anything! Phi Alpha Pi The audiobook is out! I’m so excited about this. After months of working with the narrator, Libby, we were both happy with the final product and peopleRead more

I'm a Romance Author?

When did I become a romance author?

For someone who rarely reads romance books, imagine my surprise when I started writing them! If you’ve heard me speak while I’m promoting Phi Alpha Pi, then you’ve heard me talk about my struggle with accepting that I’m a romance author. As someone who enjoys romantic plots, I’ve struggled with the romance book genre forRead more


Seasonal Affective Disorder and Rash Decisions

I woke up a few weeks ago, less than a week into the month of February, and realized IT WAS ONLY THE 6TH!  I swore it was at least the 11th or 12th of the month already.  You can imagine my irritation to realize I was off an entire week in the shortest month ofRead more

Time Management: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Time Management: Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It’s something that developed when I move to Massachusetts.  As a result, I hate February because that’s when it hits me.  This is the time of year when I am moody, a little depressed, and prone to big changes.  The changes typically come after I have acknowledge that I amRead more

A Currency of Culture: Likes!

A Currency of Culture: Likes!

I was going to write a follow up about an event I attended this past weekend, but a conversation has been happening in my world and coming from multiple directions.  I feel the need to write about it.  What is the issue: the cultural currency that is ‘likes’ on Facebook and other social media. CulturalRead more