Weekly Reading: David Copperfield

I have spent 36 hours listening to Richard Armitage read me David Copperfield.  Goodness knows I wouldn’t have chosen to read it at all.  I am not a fan of Dickens.  In fact, this has taken me months to get through because Dickens just keeps going and going.  To be fair, it was originally aRead more

Weekly Meeting: Welcome To Night Vale

This week I finally got to read Welcome to Night Vale.  For those who don’t know, this is a novel that is an extension of the podcast.  I first got this book at ALA in San Francisco and gave it to my sister-in-law.  She loved it and it got her hooked on the podcast.  Christi gotRead more

Weekly Meeting: Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married

Book: Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married Challenges: Book Lust What you should know: This is chick lit. It was made into a TV series only available in the UK and it didn’t do very well. Discussion: I was seriously going to use discussion questions and then I realized I was neck deep in three chick litRead more

The TBR Pile: How I Actually Get Books

I have a massive TBR shelf.  In fact, it is technically a bookcase and a pile and 2 ebook readers.  I actually spend very little money on books.  For me, buying a copy means I love it so much I want to keep it incase I need to read it again.  Either that or IRead more

Weekly Meeting: The Anticipation Was More Enjoyable Than the Book

Book Finished: The Girl in the Spider’s Web Eating and Drinking: Leftover take out Hard Apple Cider Carly Simon sung about anticipation.  Rocky Horror Picture Show makes you wait for Dr. Frankenfurter to finish the word.  Readers feel it each time they wait for another book to come out in their favorite series. I loveRead more

Book Club of 1: Week 10- As You Wish (Guest Post)

This week I am taking a break and my friend Christi is writing the post. Books finished: As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride Eating and Drinking: Drinking coffee and debating on eating something more substantial like my husbands left over cheese quesadillas with sweet potato fries. Playing in theRead more

Book Club of 1: Meeting 6 – Neil Patrick Harris is Amazeballs!

Books Finished: The Postman Always Rings Twice Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography Fifty Shades of Grey Blind Descent Snow Falling on Cedars Drinking The last bit of Moscato wine that Pat, Christi, and I drank Saturday night. Eating Those special Lays truffle fries potato chips- they are pretty good- like sour cream andRead more

Walden Audiobook in Overdrive

I *Heart* Audiobooks

I love being told a story.  I don’t know how I forgot that, but it took me until last year to remember.  Now I have an addiction to audiobooks.  A bonus, my reading volume has skyrocketed.  I now read while I cook, shower, get ready for bed, knit, workout, and drive. I know a lotRead more

Book Club of 1- Meeting 3. Three Books?

Books Read: The Wee Free Men The Strain William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope Drinking: Chai Tea Eating: Oatmeal This is a breakfast meeting of this book club.  I had a busy weekend filled with local culture, good food, and good friends.  I got almost no reading done over the weekend.  It wasRead more