Do You Know Wikipedia

DYK Wikipedia: Conflict of Interest

I have a new goal in life: be notable enough for my own Wikipedia entry.  It is not a massive goal and, other than being awesome, very little I can do to make it happen.  Why can’t I just create my own entry?  There are two reasons: conflict of interest and notability.  In today’s entry,Read more

January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

30 Days of Wikipedia: Week 2 update

The first week of January is over.  I have had a pretty busy week too.  Between going back to work after a vacation and driving out to Syracuse, NY… I have done a lot. I am learning how to better manage my time and even though my goals are quantitative and measurable, I have foundRead more

January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

30 Days of Wikipedia: Day 2

This month I am revisiting a project I did last January.  Last year, starting in January, I worked on Wikipedia entries for 100 days.  It was everything I needed to take the next step in growth as a Wikipedia editor. This year, I am doing something a little less ambitious.  I am editing for 30Read more

Recollection Wednesday: Julie & Julia (and the modern memoir)

Oh the food writer, chef, or foodie memoir.  I am a sucker for them.  I love food.  I love shows about food.  FOOD! Julie & Julia was the food memoir for my generation.  It includes all the key elements of a 2000 era memoir: Blogger post 9/11 questioning your life references to Buffy the VampireRead more

Weekly Meeting: A Few of Memoirs and Reviewing October

Books Discussed: You’re Never Weird on the Internet Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Eating and Drinking: Chai tea from Mill No. 5 with keylime and ginger almonds I like celebrity memoirs.  Primarily because the celebrities that interest me are funny people or because it’s a micro-memoir (see Christi’s meeting for As You Wish).  JustRead more

Book Club of 1: Meeting 6 – Neil Patrick Harris is Amazeballs!

Books Finished: The Postman Always Rings Twice Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography Fifty Shades of Grey Blind Descent Snow Falling on Cedars Drinking The last bit of Moscato wine that Pat, Christi, and I drank Saturday night. Eating Those special Lays truffle fries potato chips- they are pretty good- like sour cream andRead more