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May Monthly Review – What A Difference A Year Makes

May, as I expected was a crazy month. I started outlining this entry as I sat looking at my writer’s bible, trying to decide what I needed to do next. I looked at each task, checked off on my to-do list, and realized it was time to focus on Kraulaak and Missing Auggie. So, here’sRead more

Phi Alpha Pi Is Officially Released!

Happy Phi Alpha Pi Release Day! At this moment you can buy and leave your reviews of Phi Alpha Pi!  The paperback is $10.50 and the ebook is $0.99 (the cost of Modern Persuasion’s ebook was also reduced). It’s available from all major online retailers.  Here are your various links (some might change as paperbackRead more

Phi Alpha Pi Blog Tour: Day 2

It’s day two of the Phi Alpha Pi blog tour!  Here are the blogs I stopped at today: Diary of an Eccentric: Anne was part of the Modern Persuasion blog tour last year and I’m so happy she wanted to do another one. I did a guest post there about the inspiration of Phi AlphaRead more

Phi Alpha Pi Blog Tour: Day One

Today is day one of the Phi Alpha Pi blog tour.  Thanks to the three bloggers who participated today and to Lola of Lola’s Blog Tours who did all the heavy lifting to organize it. Here are the three blogs!  Please visit them and show some love. Paulette’s Papers – Posted an excerpt and a short interviewRead more

Phi Alpha Pi Book Cover!

Yesterday was a crazy day! I was meeting the bloggers who were part of the cover reveal, making sure the cover was up on all the sale points, and getting the book ready for publishing in a month. Then, of course, there was work and hanging out with Cedric! Here is your chance to seeRead more

Phi Alpha Pi - Mystery

Phi Alpha Pi – Cover Reveal Signup

So much is going on!  Here is some Phi Alpha Pi news! Do you have a blog and want to be part of the Phi Alpha Pi cover reveal?  The sign up for the big event on April 23rd is ready to go!  Visit Lola’s Blog Tour and you can sign up today! The blogRead more

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Release Day!

Happy Release Day!  I hit the button to publish the book last night and have been checking so many little bits of information since.  My favorite little bit is seeing what other people have purchased.  I have discovered so many other books to read! There are two final stops on the blog tour. First, overRead more

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Day 7

As soon as midnight hits on the east coast of the US, I am pushing the button to make Modern Persuasion available to everyone!  The blog tour still isn’t over though! Today on the blog tour, I am really excited to share Musings from the Yellow Kitchen, a blog that has done something a little differentRead more

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Day 6

It’s the weekend and things are quieting down.  The blog tour has one stop each day this weekend. Today you can read Babblings of a Bookworm has an interview with me and is doing a second giveaway for an ebook copy.

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour

Modern Persuasion Blog Tour: Day 5

Another day with so much great activity around Modern Persuasion’s release! Blog tour day five features two blogs posting about Modern Persuasion. Over at My Love for Jane Austen, I shared some of the story about how Modern Persuasion went from idea to actual book.  There is also an ebook giveaway for blog readers. Over at DiaryRead more