Meet Seth

Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Seth

We are getting closer to the release date of Modern Persuasion.  This means there are just a handful of characters left for you to meet. Seth is another secret favorite of mine.  He, like a few other characters, is two original characters combined into one: Captains Benwick and Harville.  They are friends of Captain WentworthRead more

NaBloPoMo - Dec 2016

Compelling, Real Characters

I have a writing group that has a weekly morning chat for an hour(ish).  We sit with coffee and check in with our projects.  We are also therapy for each other.  We have been dealing with issues related to publishing our books, our job stress, our family stress, very minimal election stress, and anything elseRead more

Weekly Reading: Hating the Book, But Loving A Character

Writing about the Divergent series last week got me thinking about what it means to dislike a book or series, but to love a character.  Why did this come up?  Well, because I love the character Four/Tobias in the series, but I don’t really like the series.  In fact, everything I do like about theRead more