Do You Know Wikipedia

DYK Wikipedia: Info Banners

One of the elements that has always impressed me about Wikipedia is its transparency about quality.  No other source announces its limitations right at the top of a page.  They might retract something when they notice its incorrect.  They might put the correction on the article, but they often hide it or put it atRead more

30 Days of Wikipedia Week 3 Update

30 Days of Wikipedia: Happy 16th Birthday Wikipedia!

It has been a long, weird week and it’s only going to get more so.  After a stressful drive back from Syracuse.  What happened?  What was suppose to be a weekend in Syracuse with friends, two pending snow storms made me decide to leave early.  What was suppose to be a nice weekend, turned intoRead more

January 2017 Adventure: 30 Days of Wikipedia

30 Days of Wikipedia: Day 2

This month I am revisiting a project I did last January.  Last year, starting in January, I worked on Wikipedia entries for 100 days.  It was everything I needed to take the next step in growth as a Wikipedia editor. This year, I am doing something a little less ambitious.  I am editing for 30Read more