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Ways to Grow as an Author: Feedback in Reviews

I love my friends and family. I love that I’m surrounded by supportive people who enjoy reading and want me to be a successful author. I know this is not something that all writers (and sometimes most writers) are lucky to have. I’ve heard stories from other authors about what it’s like and how theyRead more

Do You Know Wikipedia

DYK Wikipedia: Red Links

If you have ever read anything on Wikipedia, you have probably noticed links in red, not blue or purple.  Typically on webpages, a link to something off page is represented with blue for unvisited, or purple for visited.  It is common to change the link colors to match your page’s aesthetic.  You will see ifRead more

Why It Took Me Years to Start Editing Wikipedia

Why It Took Me Years to Start Editing Wikipedia

Last week I wrote an entry telling you a bit about how I got involved in editing Wikipedia.  I mentioned that I have been an editor for over 10 years, but it has only been in the past 3 that I got very involved in editing.  Today I want to address the two reasons IRead more