Recollection Wednesday: Bad Feminist

I have identified myself as a feminist since I was about 18.  Am I a good feminist?  I never thought about it until I read Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist last year.  In the end, I still can’t answer the question and I don’t care if I am a good one or a bad one.  I am aRead more

Recollection Wednesday: Sex and the City

The beauty of being from one generation, but on the cusp of the other, (Gen X, and Millennial respectively) is that I can identify my romantic life from the way both generations function.  Even more so because I don’t really fall into place with either generation.  I remain on the edge of both.  I don’tRead more

Weekly Meeting: Lumberjanes vol. 1

Challenges: None, this was an exciting birthday gift from Emily. What You Should Know: This is a graphic novel.  In this case a 4 volume collection of the comicbook.  It is not a complete story. It is a fast read, but you need to look at the illustrations to understand the story. It won 2Read more