Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi

Getting to Know Phi Alpha Pi: Meet Kitty

There is one more former Bennet sister we have to meet, Kitty.  Kitty almost didn’t make it into this story.  When I wrote the very first draft, I decided to exclude her, not seeing where she could fit into the story.  Then Christi raised a protest and I felt guilty.  As I wrote the secondRead more

NaBloPoMo - Dec 2016

Compelling, Real Characters

I have a writing group that has a weekly morning chat for an hour(ish).  We sit with coffee and check in with our projects.  We are also therapy for each other.  We have been dealing with issues related to publishing our books, our job stress, our family stress, very minimal election stress, and anything elseRead more

I Feel Stabby

One of the big projects I am working on is creating a universe from some very bad fan fiction mashups in my past.   See, much of what I wrote for NaNoWriMo in the first, oh, 10 years, was me writing elements of a story I had in my head, but was primarily my versionRead more