Do You Know Wikipedia

DYK Wikipedia: Info Banners

One of the elements that has always impressed me about Wikipedia is its transparency about quality.  No other source announces its limitations right at the top of a page.  They might retract something when they notice its incorrect.  They might put the correction on the article, but they often hide it or put it atRead more

My Wikipedia Editing Story

Wikipedia for Everyone: My Editing Story

I was going to share an update about my Wikipedia bullet journal today and then decided: nope, I have something bigger to talk about.  As I continue to evolve this blog into my passions, I have realized that no bloggers are talking about Wikipedia.  Nobody really seems to focus on how they use it, howRead more

I Still Have a Newsletter!

Did you know I have a newsletter?  Actually, I am pretty sure you don’t because there aren’t many people subscribed. What happens on the newsletter?  With all the different things going on with me, the newsletter allows you to follow the way you want and get updates about Facebook, my Wikipedia stuff, and other non-blogRead more