My First Successful Edit-a-thon

The Story of My First Successful Edit-A-Thon

A few weeks ago I wrote about my big Wikipedia Edit-a-thon failure.  This week I want to talk about my first successful Edit-a-thon. Meeting Win There was about a 2 year span between the first and second Edit-a-thon experience.  I was trying to get some traction on campus to simply have bigger conversations.  I wasn’tRead more

My first Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

My First Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Was A Failure

I never have a problem talking about my failures.  I fail routinely!  One of my biggest Wikipedia failures was my first Wikipedia program on campus, an edit-a-thon. The Edit-a-thon Plan I had wanted to run an edit-a-thon for a while.  I had been immersed in Wikipedia research, which included a news alter for Google.  IRead more