Sara as a Publisher

Why I Started An Author Newsletter

The real work of being a published author is not the writing, the abuse your ego will take during the editing process, or even the stress of the actual publication (which will be higher for self-publishing authors who do this themselves or pay someone else). For me, it’s been entirely in the marketing of myRead more

I Still Have a Newsletter!

Did you know I have a newsletter?  Actually, I am pretty sure you don’t because there aren’t many people subscribed. What happens on the newsletter?  With all the different things going on with me, the newsletter allows you to follow the way you want and get updates about Facebook, my Wikipedia stuff, and other non-blogRead more

I am starting a newsletter!

I have decided to make life a little more complicated for me by starting a newsletter! Why?  Well, I am not entirely sure how easy it is for everyone to keep up with everything.  Not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone cares about this blog, and not everyone is watching my webpage.  So, I amRead more