How Is Summer Nearly Over?

Wow, it’s been a crazy summer and it’s nearly over.  If you have been chatting with me over the last few weeks, you have probably realized that I am exhausted.  I knew, once Modern Persuasion was published, that things were going to change.  I knew I had a busy summer ahead of me.  I knewRead more

I am starting a newsletter!

I have decided to make life a little more complicated for me by starting a newsletter! Why?  Well, I am not entirely sure how easy it is for everyone to keep up with everything.  Not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone cares about this blog, and not everyone is watching my webpage.  So, I amRead more

The End of April and NaBloPoMo

This is the end… Not really- it’s just the end of April and my National Blog Posting month.  It was an interesting month.  A lot of things happened, most of them mentioned here. I wrote at least 1 post a day, every day. My statistics weren’t all that much higher than any of the recentRead more

Mid-Month Check In

How is it half way through April already?  I am actually writing this a few days before it is posted.  I have been doing that a lot this month.  I am glad I did. So, what has been going on? One big thing, my grandmother passed away this month.  I will say more about thatRead more

Looking Back At March

I was very vague about what I would be reading in March.  It was a busy month and there were times when I worried I wouldn’t finish anything. I only expected to read two books, neither of which I was able to finish, but both of which are still being read.  So, let’s look atRead more

February State of the Blog

When I started this in July, I was only looking to consistently write for a few months.  I have been trying for years to find a blog format that keeps me engaged. Here I am in February, still engaged!  I am taking a moment to look back at the past few months and what IRead more